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Every Merchant Needs Fraud alert Service to Stop and Prevent from Chargebacks

Fraud alert system is what every merchant needs to fight against a chargeback. However, most of the merchants take a fragmented approach to prevent fraud that leaves them open to increased and improved attacks. As a result, security risks and financial crimes are increasing day by day.Customer fraud is one of the fastest growing threats in the e-commerce industry and it is affecting businesses of around 80% of the merchants every year. To fight against such threats, merchants need a system that helps in dealing with such frauds by customers and that also enables them generating better revenue. Chargebackexpertz provides achargeback fraud alert system that sends a notification to the merchant once the issuing bank confirms the fraud.





Monthly Performance Reports

Control Features of Alerts Received

Notification via E-mail

Implementation of Stand-alone Service within 48 hours 

Multiuser Setup to Receive Notification

Real-time Notifications, as soon as bank confirms the fraud


Chargeback Alerts


Chargeback is something no merchant would want to experience in his or her business and get distresses with. However, it is next to impossible to attain 0% chargeback ratio. Well, what if Chargebackexpertz assures you with an effective chargeback network that alerts you about a chargeback in near real-time so that you can take quick and adequate action in no time? Real-time Alerts is a reliable chargeback management tool that helps in preventing chargebacks and also dispute some of them that affect the business revenue.

Benefits of using Fraud Alert

During chargeback, you not only lose the product sold along with the cost but you also have to pay an additional chargeback fee as a penalty. It also damages the image of the company and can become the reason of getting under the fraudulent tag. To avoid such situations, we offer a Fraud Alert System as per your requirements that is also updated at regular intervals. The benefits include:

Stopping fulfillment of fraudulent orders, which in turn helps in saving cost of product as well as cost related to fulfillment

Reducing chargebacks

Adding to the current Cyber Source Service.

Connect with Chargebackextertz

Chargebackexperts have been successfully providing the largest chargeback Real-Time Alert network for years. We provide reliable dispute mediation network as well as proprietary technology. Unlike most of the chargeback alert networks, we provide comprehensive network coverage that permits maximum issuer involvement and guaranteed chargeback reduction.