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First of all, we are know about Chargebacks Chargeback is a mechanism by which a cardholder claims the merchant and calls the credit card issuer to dispute a transaction. Cardholder may have various reasons to raise a dispute against the transaction like: goods and services never supplied to the customer, defective merchandise received by customer, refund not processed to customer, merchant used expired card and so on.


                   Simple way to minimize chargebacks

Process a Settlement each day for each transaction:Failure to deposit in a timely manner can result in chargebacks for “late representment”. Settle your credits or refunds daily; failure to do so in time can result in chargebacks for “credit not processed”. Promptly process refunds; never keep the customer hanging. If the merchant issues a refund by check, make sure to keep a front and back copy of the check along with the postage receipt. Gateway refunds should be processed within 3-5 business days. Never accept an expired credit card.

Use a clear retail descriptor which customers will easily recognize: A retail descriptor is the business name customers will see on their credit card statement reflecting the purchase. Always include your phone number with the descriptor. If the customer does not recognize the name, they can call the number to verify the purchase.\

Use the Address Verification Service (AVS) and the CVV security code: Doing so requires the customer to confirm their zip code and/or their security code; this is an easy way to remove the possibility of stolen credit cards. Take note if a buyer requests to change the shipping address after placing an order.

Sign up with the Chargeback Prevention Alert System: Major banks like Fifth Third Bank,JP Morgan Chase, Wellsfargo, Bank of America, PNC, RBS Citizens and over 50 other banks participate in theprocess . The system allows the merchant to connect directly with distressed customers; then the Merchant can resolve the concern with the customer and/or Credit the transaction. The Moto is “AVOID CHARGEBACKS.”

Keep a record of shipping history: Immediately ship products. If you offer delayed delivery then indicate it on the sales receipt. Keep track of Proof of Delivery. Visibly post return or refund policies on your webiste.

Respond to chargebacks A S A P: There is a limited time to respond to Chargebacks, if you miss the deadline, you have lost the ability to fight that chargeback. No response to a chargeback is the Merchant’s acceptance to the Chargeback. Fight Back! Win back your lost Revenue! Chargeback Management system with ChargebackExpertz is superior to any other system out there. Fight and Win up to 80% of your Chargebacks!

Keep copies of all Sales Receipts for at least 24 months: Sales Receipts should be filed by the order date. Clearly print return or refund policies for your business on the sales receipts. Your customer service number should be printed on every single sales receipt. Sales receipts must all be legible and should reflect your business name exactly as it appears on your signage. In case of a retrieval request or a chargeback, you will need to provide a legible copy of the sales draft.

Customer Service is the Key: Credit card fraud is very difficult to avoid when the cardholder and the card is not present during the transaction. Keep a list of bad customers to identify high risk orders. Often, disputes are because of “friendly fraud” or the customer simply regrets making the purchase. The best way to avoid this type of chargebacks is by responding with great customer support.. A partial refund is an option, but full refunds can be considered to avoid a chargeback (unless you are sure that the transaction is fraudulent).

Be conscious of card checkers: These are buyers who place low dollar transactions and then place large dollar transactions. Professional fraudsters tend to place a large volume of orders within a short period of time. Carefully review and verify such activity. Be wary of buyers who place orders using information such as different names, billing details, or email addresses. Take note of buyers purchasing unusual volumes of merchandise, and verify the possibility of duplicity.

nvalid or a wrong number

Phone number does not match the state or country of the billing address

IP location does not match the billing address

Website log-in or registration details do not match the order’s details (such as name, IP, or email address)

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