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Effective Chargeback Representment For High Risk Merchant



Chargeback is a mechanism by which a cardholder claims the merchant and calls the credit card issuer to dispute a transaction . Cardholder may have various reasons to raise a dispute against the transaction like: goods and services never supplied to the customer, defective merchandise received by customer, refund not processed to customer, merchant used expired card and so on.

The Merchant needs to give explanation about the amount debited from cardholder account.


What is Chargeback Representment?

Chargeback Representment is a term for providing Packet of Evidence as per Reason Codes to acquiring bank or the Credit Card Company that shows that the transaction was made with full knowledge of the cardholder and also shows that cardholder agreed with all the Terms and Conditions which was displayed before buying the Product or Services. Representment also includes the information if there is any Refund/Partial Refund issued to Cardholder.

When a Customer or Issuing Bank issues a chargeback, merchant gets information from acquiring bank with a deadline to either represent or accept. If a merchant is ready to represent, he would have to provide all the information regarding the transaction in a single packet. Acquiring Bank will then send evidence to the Issuing Bank, where a team of expertise will examine all the evidences and when the team gives a verdict in the merchant’s favor, the chargeback will be reversed and if the team is not satisfied with the submitted evidence, the particular amount is then deducted from the merchant’s account.


Tips on effective Chargeback Representment:


  • Spot the Reason Code and collect evidence according to it.
  • Collect all the evidence which was provided to customer at the time of sale and arrange in a single packet.
  • Always highlight Important key proofs like: order id, tracking number, customer’s email id, IP address, order confirmation etc.
  • Provide proof of Refund if Customer refunded before disputing the Chargeback.
  • Provide all evidence which was signed by Customer before buying the Services.


Issues that stop you from a perfect Chargeback Representment:


  • Important issue is time frame; Merchant should send all evidence before the deadline.
  • Provide all evidence according to the reason code, there is no chance for mistake.
  • Show all the agreement(s) signed by customer in a proper manner.
  • Provide refund receipt as a Proof of Refund