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Please Don’t! Filing a Chargeback on Credit or Debit Card Purchases?

Mostly the consumers are unaware of the fact chargeback is. Chargebacks are refunds to the cardholders also known as reversal of amount paid during ecommerce business transaction by the issuing bank for fraudulent transaction on the bank statements of which cardholders are unaware.


Once the customer file complaint or raise dispute with issuing bank, the bank investigate into the same. If the customer claims proves to be untrue the refund is not initiated to the customer and money is not asked from the merchant. On the other hand, Merchants are given the time to dispute the claim of the customers by providing supporting documents regarding the purchase. If the merchant does not respond to the dispute within time, the funds are automatically awarded to the cardholder.

Dos and Don’ts

Cardholders can request a chargeback if they have actually suffered from the fraud. It means their card is either stolen or card sensitive information is stolen and is being used by some fraudsters. Otherwise chargeback will be in favor of the merchant only as it is. Merchant will be providing all the compelling proofs and evidences and merchant will be winning the case. If you are unable to follow the chargeback process because of its complexity you can contact chargeback Expertz, a mediation firm that will secure a refund on your behalf.

Even if the transaction was unauthorized, it still might be better to deal with the merchant directly. Filing a chargeback or not is you decision, but do have a word with your bank before filing the chargeback. Although it is always preferable to contact the merchant and not get into complexity.

Chargeback can be Disputed for various reasons, don’t dispute chargeback because of wrong reasons

These days customer prefer to go directly to the bank instead of contacting the merchant. Filing a chargeback is easy, you will get your money back also for a temporary basis. But think once, why would merchant does not like to keep its customer happy. They always want to keep the customer happy.
If you regret making a purchase, return the product or cancel the service. If you keep the product and get a refund, that’s shoplifting. You’re not really a thief, right?!
If you are unaware about the purchase, the shopperconsented the transaction. Therefore, you shouldn’t call the bank and say transaction was unauthorized.
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