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Chargeback Reason -Non-Receipt of Goods or Services Explained

The reason for such chargeback (Non-Receipt of Goods or Services) is when a customer claims that they have paid for the items, but have not yet received or that the order was cancelled by the cardholder as a result of non-deliverance, late delivery or the customer was unavailable for pick-up.


For better understanding let’s look at this example:
Ashley ordered a product from an e-commerce website where the merchant mentioned that they deliver products within 15 days, but somehow Ashley didn’t get the product neither she received any notice from the merchant. Now, Ashley can dispute the charge as per the chargeback reason- Non-Receipt of Goods or Services.

The most common reasons for such chargebacks are:

  • Services not provided to the Customer.
  • Merchandise/Goods not sent to the Customer.
  • Billed for the Transaction before delivery.
  • Merchandise/Goods not delivered to the Customer by the agreed-upon delivery date.

Guidelines to prevent or respond to Reason-Non-Receipt of Goods or Services:

  • Always provide Proof of Delivery of particular Merchandise/Goods.
  • Always provide shipping date and delivery date with Shipping Address.
  • If Merchandise/Goods is going to be late, send a notification to the customer and verify if the customer is comfortable with the new delivery date.
  • If chargeback was processed less than 15 days from the transaction date and meanwhile POD is in-transit, then provide transaction receipt as a proof.

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